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As a non-profit organization, our focus is on scholarships for area high school students, although we support other charitable activities as well.  In 2022, we plan to provide $500 awards to graduating seniors from eight local high schools.  The scholarships are funded by our annual show, and largely facilitated by the support we receive from the business community.  This includes sponsors which help us produce the show, patrons which support the scholarship fund directly, and the many businesses that are recognized in the show program.

A Plethora of Partnership Possibilities


Platinum: $5,000 and above
Gold: $3,000 to $4,999
Silver: $1,000 to $2,999
Bronz: $500 to $999

Prominent recognition on show program cover (all);
Complementary show tickets (all);
A full page program advertisement (all);
Recognition on program fliers (platinum - silver);
An explicit partnership with GCC in the high school music scholarship program, including the right to mention the partnership in their own adverstising (platinum - gold);
Shared recognition at each school's award function (platinum - gold);
Shared press coverage of the awards (platinum - gold).

Scholarship Patrons:

A Major: $1,000 +
B Major: $750 +
C Major: $500 +

Patrons support the scholarship fund directly.  Gifts may be designated for a particular CSRA high school and may recgonize an individual or business.  Patrons receive regognition in the GCC show program and with the individual school(s) supported.

Show Program Contributions:

$300 (~1 page; 8 tickets)
$200 (~1/2 page; 6 tickets)
$150 (~1/3 page; 4 tickets)
$100 (~16 page; 2 tickets)
$ 60  (business card; 1 ticket)

Show program contributions primarily support the annual show and enables the Chorus to bring top international talent to the CSRA.  Additionally, show proceeds are directed to the scholarship program.  Show programs are professionally printed and given to the 500+ attendees, who are encouraged to favor those listed in the program when a need arises.

Please contact the chorus manager ( ), for more information or call 803-599-GCC8 (4228).

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