Are you an 'Ambassador of Song"?

Every year the Chapter donations to the Harmony Foundation are tabulated and awards are given to each participating Chapter based on their per capita donation level. Gold awards are given to the Chapters whose contributions total to $60 or more per man. Silver awards are given for totals of $30 or more per man. Bronze awards are given for totals of $15
per man.

Have you ever been to the Harmony Foundation web site? Here's your chance:

that visit. Does your Chapter pass the bucket once a month and have 50/50 drawings sending the collected funds to the Harmony Foundation? Are these the funds your Treasurers are going to be reporting by January 15th? Here's an idea you might find more useful, practically painless, and a great way to get EVERY member of your Chapter contributing. Sign up for the Ambassadors of Song program at the link above or using the new brochures available upon request from your District Harmony Foundation liaison or the Foundation.

Each member can contribute as little as $5 a month in monthly installments from their credit card or checking account. Imagine that. If every member in your Chapter signed up for the $5 plan, your Chapter would be at the $60 per man level for a Gold award EVERY year and the Harmony Foundation would have solid funding for all their wonderful programs. You can also make lump sum donations if you'd like to cut to the chase. Donation amounts on the installment plan can be $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, or $50 a month. It's your choice.

Want to hear something even more interesting? The Harmony Foundation automatically tracks your donations by member and Chapter thus doing your annual reporting for you. Not only that but there is now a Donor Choice option where you can designate up to 30% of your contribution be returned to your District or Chapter or both as you request.

If you need more information, contact:

President and CEO
Clarke Caldwell
Director of Major Gifts
Everett Nau
Operations Manager
Christopher Huang


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