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Chordbuster's Jubilee - Free to the public as we celebrate a continued Return to Societal Normalcy - the 59th Annual Show of the Garden City Chorus
The Garden City Chorus has decided again this year to forgo the customary $18 purchase price per ticket to our 59th  Annual Show, CHORDBUSTER'S JUBILEE,  We want our entire local audience to be able to attend as we celebrate a continued return to societal normalcy. 

We are kindly accepting donations to defray the costs associated with this year's production. The venue, the stage, lighting, sound crew, and our fabulous guest quartet Harmony Grits all come at a significant cost. In addition, the Chapter uses a portion of any profits resulting from our show to fund our Scholarship Program for local high school seniors.

Your generous tax-deductible contribution, in lieu of $18 per-person ticket pricing, Is GREATLY APPRECIATED!
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