Garden City Chorus Quartets

Garden City Chorus is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus.  We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion.  If you would like to have a quartet at your event, please give us a reasonable lead time.  This is a volunteer organization and our members have jobs and families, so we need a "heads up" to clear our calendars.


The Garden City's Newest Quartet

Acoemeti is available to entertain for any  occasion!
Acoemeti members...
Lead:Bob Reichl
Bass:Bob Green
John Plotts
Baritone:Jim Fernstrom
Tenor:Clarke Stanford
General public contact: (803) 279-8283 or (706) 831-1579
State: GA


Tight Barbershop Harmony to suit any occasion and any audience!


Grandstand is available for any occasion. From Tin Pan Alley and Broadway to DooWop to Gospel, we know how to entertain your audience. So unique, and so much fun! Give us a try for your next event!

Grandstand members...
Lead:David Connelly
Bass:John Plotts
Baritone:John Phillips
Tenor:Lowell Dorn
General public contact: 803-215-0641
State: GA

Southern Blend

The Smooth Sound of the South

Southern Blend
With over 50 years of combined experience, Southern Blend provides a unique, smooth sound to a wide variey of songs - gospel, patriotic, show tunes, and traditional, all performed in the unique barbershop style. Contact us for a fun-filled, entertaining show to spice up your organization's event.
Southern Blend members...
Lead:Vernon Lunsford
Bass:John Hester
Baritone:John McKinnon
Tenor:Phil Plantamura
General public contact: 706-877-7445
State: GA