Choral Rehearsal

7:00pm, Tue, Oct 23 2018

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  • Type of event: Rehearsal
    Duration: 2.5 earth hours
    Venue: Great rehearsal last week. We made huge progress on our scheduling for the Columbia Festival. Thank you so much to all who are volunteering to help (spouses, too)! It isn't too late to jump in if you can - Friday evening would be a great time.

    We also made some progress on scraping the rust off of our Christmas songs.

    And, we had a new person join us. His name is "Z" and he sings bass. He was the young man who hung out with us at Arts. He has an "on call" IT job, but will join us whenever he can.

    We briefly looked at a technique for learning song words that is used by broadway professionals. A handout on the method was provided, and will be available at the back bar.

    This week we will dive a little deeper into "semi-circles" (phrasing) and how the concept can be used to enhance our performance of a song. And, of course, we will continue to work on Christmas materials.