Garden City Chorus

2019 Singing Valentines Program
Our 29th Year - We KNOW how to deliver L-O-V-E!



They'll be saying "I love you" on Valentines Day-- and they'll be leaving hundreds of lucky romantics speechless.

On Thursday, February 14, 2019, a half-dozen barbershop quartets will fan out across the Augusta - Aiken metro area to deliver Singing Valentines to hundreds of special sweethearts. The sound of harmony will ring out in offices, restaurants, schools and homes throughout the CSRA. Wherever they appear, they'll draw a crowd -- and sometimes a few tears.

The quartets belong to the Augusta Chapter of the 28,000-member Barbershop Harmony Society, which is headquartered in Nashville, TN.

A basic Singing Valentine costs $65, and includes two love songs sung in barbershop harmony, a special card, and a beautifully decorated red rose. If ordered online prior to midnight on February 9th enter discount code LOVE at checkout and recieve a $15 discount on all packages! Men and women alike are on the receiving end -- with moving results. Again, the standard cost for our basic package is $65 without the online early-bird discount.
Please allow us to choose the time for deliveries at the basic package price. There is a $25 surcharge for guaranteed delivery (+/- 30 minutes).

Now in the Chapter’s 29th year of presenting this service, the quartet members have plenty of memories, and quite a few stories to tell. "It's especially fun to deliver a Singing Valentine from a woman to her husband or boyfriend," says Clarke S., of the Garden City Chorus. "Last year, my quartet went to a plant here in Augusta, and caught a guy going off-shift. He was stunned. His co-workers gathered around, and were ready to start razzing him -- until they saw the tears welling up in his eyes".

See memorable Singing Valentines from the past.

Writes Linda F., "In 16 years of marriage I have never gotten as wonderful a surprise as the "Singing Valentine" I got at my office this morning. I was dazzled and I smiled so much my ears hurt. The rose is so fragrant... a perfect rose bud. I was so glad to find the words to the songs on the back of the card. I was so overwhelmed that I had forgotten the words of the second song. My co-workers enjoyed the serenade almost as much as I did. They said it was "spectacular", that my husband was a "10", and that he was the winner of the best valentine gift. Needless to say, I told my husband how wonderful his gift was for me. Thanks for creating such an unforgettable moment." Signed, Linda F.


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Writes one gentleman, "Dear Gifted Gentlemen of Song: Thank you for offering to share your gifts of talent and beautiful voices, with men fortunate enough to have the affections of our special lady, by serenading her, in person, on Valentine’s Day. Not only did the special attention in song surprise my wife, but she said. “My face turned red, but I loved it. You’re just a bundle of surprises, aren’t you?” Since the other ladies in her office enjoyed your singing, too, it was the highlight of the workday and the comments made her feel lucky to have me. The joy endures, as the rose and card help her recall the experience, especially when she got home that night. What a great idea – beautiful music does stir emotions. Signed, One Grateful Husband." (name witheld).
Columbia County News Times, February 11, 2009:
Barbershop quartets will fan out across the area Friday and Saturday performing Singing Valentines for those who want to do something romantic for their sweethearts on the day dedicated to romance. Read this article at the Columbia County News Times.


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